If you ever had a fire in your home, you may know to what extent smoke and fire residue can damage your property. Soot and Smoke damage can cause critical health damage. It will cause discolouration of walls and it will creep into the walls, floors, or roofs causing smoke odour to loiter for a long period of time. Smoke Damage can damage the property irrevocably.

You can also do the fire damage restorations yourself but I would not recommend it. Here are some of the reasons for which you should hire a professional company to do restoration for you. You will find that hiring a professional will be a better and smarter decision.

health Damage that is caused by the Smoke and Soot.

Immediately after a fire, soot and smoke is created and it rapidly spreads throughout your home. Soot residue creeps into the hidden areas of the walls, roofs, fabric etc. and binds with it

Soot can constitute of dust, chemical substances and acids. It is not only unsafe for your health but it causes considerable damage to your place if not dealt with promptly and in a suitable manner.

This is reason why it is extremely critical to hire a cleaning company to restore the damage. At Restore Tech, we respond right away and can be with you within less than 3 hours

Time consuming.

The process of clean up and restoration is a labor oriented and a time consuming process where you have to appropriately scrub and clean all items in your house. It requires a lot of manpower to perform satisfactorily,

At Restore Tech, we clean effectively and remove all smoke residues so that no damage is left behind

Right Tools

You need the right equipment like dehumidifiers and deodorizers to clean your home and make it safe for your family to live in it again. Many fabrics like upholstery and curtains are easily cleaned with a home vacuum for minor treatments. However, after smoke damage has occurred, these same fabrics need specialized tools and techniques in order to be fully cleaned of smoke odors. Using a standard home vacuum, even with a brush attachment, can force soot and odors deeper into the fabric which makes it harder to clean.

Experience and knowledge

Sometimes the smoke damage sinks into the hidden areas that you cannot see like the under the floor boards, behind the walls etc. The fire leaves a lot of residue like ash and smoke can cause extensive oxidation, etching and discoloration, not to mention persistent mighty odors. This will continue to affect the house.

At Restore Tech, our team can use their experience to not only wipe the damage and clean up the walls and other surfaces but also clean up those hidden areas. They have mastered the art of clean up and are thorough in their cleaning process.

Time Factor

The ash residue starts to dis-colorize most surfaces and can disperse through the building with ease, causing nearly everything to need restoration. Items that is made of plastic will start discoloring within minutes or within several hours. After a few days pass by, the ash will cause walls to discolor permanently, along with clothing and upholstery.

All objects made of fiberglass and appliances will turn to yellow. Wooden items will be need to be redesigned or simply replaced. Metal will slowly tarnish and start to corrode. You have to replace all metals. Glass may be severely etched, which will necessary be replaced. Carpet will permanently discolored.

Because of the acidic contents of ash, it can cause more destruction as time passes by. It will also become evident that the odors caused by the disaster may still be present and intense enough to be distracting.

As you see that the effects of smoke damage is relatively more extensive if you plan to wait for a few days. The costs for restoration will also soar after a few weeks.

At Restore Tech, we will inspect all the items and identity the affected ones and list items that can and cannot be salvaged and thoroughly clean all the effected areas. We will locate the origin of the odor, and treat it with special cleansers that are formulated for annihilating this kind of odor. Once the items are treated, they may be concealed off to prevent any more odor from infiltrating the air in the future.

Having a fire in your premises can have a devastating effect. One of the many advantages to working with Restore Tech of Surrey who specializes in smoke damage is that we are available 24/7 and 365 days of the year. We know exactly where to look for smoke and ash damage, and spot problems and potential issues. Our team will make sure all surfaces and materials are treated properly.

When we start a smoke cleanup project, then we as thorough as possible. Only then it will be successfully executed.