In case you had floods in your house or there is a water leakage and the entire house is filled with water because of broken pipes or a leaky roof,, restoring your home means removing all the excess water, decontamination, and drying so that your house is in a livable condition. it’s important to take out all contaminated and damp materials from your home and have to cleaned and dried as soon as possible.

Water flooding can cause health issues for you and your family hence it is important to remove the excess water as quickly as possible. Water logging create an environment for dangerous microorganisms like bacteria and mold to multiply and spread. If you are exposed to this environment, it could lead to sickness or allergic reactions or even disease.

At Restore Tech, we can inspect your home and determine the steps to be takes for the restoration process.

There are three main classification of water damage depending upon the extent of the damage and the grade of contamination of the water. The three water damage classifications are:

Category 1 – Mild Contaminated

As the name suggests, here the water is mildly contaminated and the source of water is from broken supply lines or sprinkler systems or overflowing containers with no pollutants or natural sources like rain or melt water. This water does not pose a danger to ingestion, dermal or breathing exposure as the water originates from a portable or sanitary source and is fit for human consumption

Category 2 – Major Contaminated

When the water is significant contaminated and a health hazard containing unsafe bacteria or microorganisms that causes sickness and illness , then we can all this major contamination The source of this “grey” water is mostly sewage, detergents, or broken tanks.

Category 3 – Heavily Contaminated:

When the water is grossly contaminated with harmful toxic agents and it is very harmful for health then we would say that it is heavily contaminated or “black” waters. The source is a raw sewage, nearby dirty water from rivers or streams. waters from any factory using pesticides or metals.

The Water Restoration Process

Step 1: Inspection

First we start with an inspection of the damage. Some items may need to be replaced. Materials like drywall and carpet that have absorbed a lot of water need to be replaced. These items if not replaced, often develop bacteria and mold which is more harmful for health.

At Restore Tech, our team will assess the extent of water damage in your home and then determine the category of water damage and suggest you the best suitable action for restoring your home. Some part like Walls, Floors, Shelves, Clothing, Drapery, Duct work and your Heating and air conditioning systems may need to be replaced.

Step 2: Water Removal

At Restore Tech, we will be using pumps and vacuums to remove the excess water from your home. We will using different types of equipment depending upon the extent of water damage.

Step 3: Drying

Once the water has been drained out, we will start the drying and de-humidification process to clean all the moisture in the air. This can take several weeks to complete.

Step 4: Cleaning

Once the place is dried, we will start the cleaning process where all personal belongings will be cleaned and sanitized to prevent any growth of bacteria. Your upholstery, carpet and clothing are given a special treatment for antimicrobial. We will also use air scrubbers while will remove the moisture from the air.

Step 5: Restoration

In this process, we list your items that have to be replaced like drywall and insulation. It the damage is minor, then we can do with by simply replacing a few panel of drywall. Major damage means replacing the entire wall.

it is difficult to detect all leakages. Some tiny leak may be remain unnoticeable for a few months before someone notices it. In such cases, the restoration process takes longer.