We work hard to make sure you get the restoration services you need.

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We work hard to make sure you get the restoration services you need.

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Water Damage Restoration Services in Edmonton, Sherwood Park & Leduc

How Can Water Damage Restoration Be Done With A Reliable Support?

Disaster doesn’t strike every day… But when you see that a flood has appeared out of nowhere to damage your property, you may not know what steps to take! This is the time when you can call Restoretech for water damage restoration in Edmonton.

Restoretech has a team whom are trained and experienced and know exactly what do to in any kind of flood emergency. The best part about Restoretech is that they don’t close up and leave for the day… if an emergency occurs at any hour, Restoretech will be quick to respond- at your home or workplace within an hour.

The first thing that our damage inspector will do after arriving on the flood site is to inspect the damaged area and try evaluating the type of damage that has been caused by water. Then they will block the source of the leak, measure the intensity of the damage, and in the end use the tools that are necessary for restoration.

If any area around your house is affected by unwanted water intrusion and needs emergency precautions you can always trust Restoretech for water damage restoration in Edmonton, Alberta. Sewage backups or flood waters can be highly contaminated with parasitic organisms. These organisms will ultimately affect your health.

After Restoretech completes the entire process of inspection, we will likely pull out key tools- vacuums and pumps. This will extract the remaining water from the water damaged area for water damage restoration in Leduc. It is essential to remove the remaining water from the damaged area so that they can prevent your house from getting further damaged.

Restoretech is considered to be one of most reliable companies for water damage restoration in the Sherwood Park area and in the water damage restoration industry. Restoretech has over 11 years of experience, and their team members are experts in repairing damages such as flood cleaning, burst pipes, flooded basement, sewer backup, storm damage, and any other type of damages such as leaky roofs.

Restoretech’s technicians are not only experts but also are certified specialists who have handled more than thousands of projects dealing with water damage restoration in Leduc and other nearby areas.

Nowadays, water damage can be seen as a serious issue that can damage your business and home. If you want to prevent the water damage from spreading then quick mitigation is your best opportunity.

It will help you to not only reduce the seriousness of the damage but also it will lower the cost of your repairing and reduce your stress level. Moreover, for a quicker solution, you can always call Restoretech for water damage restoration in the Sherwood Park area anytime.

Electrical systems, gas systems, and appliances may be affected by the flooding, creating the possibility of electrical shock or explosion. Ceiling and wall structures may be weakened by water damage to the point of collapse. Mould and mildew resulting from the dampness may also cause health problems. In such cases we offer the following services:

  • Removal and extraction of standing water (clear water, mud, rainwater, and sewage)
  • Drying building materials and personal belongings (wood floors, carpet, walls, ceiling)
  • Sum pump related damage
  • Cleanup and restoration
  • Mould prevention (sanitizer) and repairs
  • Anti-microbial treatments
  • Content restoration (furniture, picture frame, clothes etc.) – we assess the items and fix, dry clean, etc.

Fire and smoke damage can be devastating. You might think you need to throw things out and start again. But Restoretech Ltd can provide comprehensive fire damage and smoke damage repair services. We’ll remove all soot, dust, and debris, make any repairs necessary, and remove that lingering fire and smoke odour. Contact us today to request an estimate.


A+++ Service

Very thorough job. Scott was outstanding to deal with. Very personable and keeping me up to date with exactly what was going on. He was very accessible whenever I called or texted him. The workers were very hardworking and pleasant to talk to. A+++ service. Tyson N.

Excellent Job

The crew was helpful and they did excellent job. Finished job on time. Qais M.

Friendly, Quick, Efficient

Service was friendly, quick, and efficient. We did have a few white shirts dyed red and some shrunk but for the most part, great work! Still have some drycleaning outstanding, look forward to having that returned. Great job, thanks very much. Eric B.

Polite and Hardworking

Workers are very polite and hardworking willing to look at detail and rectify as soon as possible, no questions asked. I would like to use them in all my future projects. They are so pleasant to deal with and we’ll recommend them to others who need work. Alok D.