We work hard to make sure you get the restoration services you need.

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We work hard to make sure you get the restoration services you need.

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Sewer back Up Services in Edmonton, Sherwood Park & Leduc

What Are The Reasons For A Sewer Backup And Why You Need A Professional To Fix It?

We all know that most of the houses in Edmonton and nearby areas have a sewer service pipeline that helps in removing waste-water from your homes and carries it to the main sewer line. When there is any kind of blockages or floods it can lead to extensive water damage to your property and also cause various health hazards.

Sewer backups can cause a major task on hand to repair. By major repair, we mean reaching out for assistance from the help of professional clean up services who will clean and repair your home and most importantly get things back to normal!

Who Should You Trust To Repair Your Home From A Sewer Backup?

For cleaning and repairing your entire home, you will definitely need a certified restoration specialist. So if you are experiencing a sewer backup in Edmonton Restoretech is the team to call.

Restoretech is a leader in sewer backup in Leduc and the nearby areas. They are also available 24/. We understand that emergencies do not wait for you to have a day off work, or wait until you are home after running all of your errands…so we are available at any time for emergency servicing.

Now, it’s important to understand why sewage backup occurs so that you can be prepared ahead of time. It is a known fact that ‘prevention is better than cure’.

 Here are some of the most common reasons which could lead to a sewer backup in Leduc.

1. Heavy rain

There are many communities in an area which are prone to flooding due to heavy rain. This is one of the major reasons that can cause sewage backup in surrounding areas such as Edmonton as well.

Gravity helps water move away from your property, down to the sewer pipe, and then to the main sewer line

2. Broken Pipe

If your pipe has a small crack it may not matter at first, but these cracks tend to grow wider as time moves along. Cracks that go unnoticed not only let water out, but also let debris in…this will ultimately cause blockages.

Unfortunately, the waste water from your home will be forced back through the basement drain of your house, and this means you are going to have a sewage backup problem and need a professional to fix it.

For this it is better that you take some precautions to stop sewer backup in Sherwood Park like flushing the toilet only when necessary, clean dishes by hand, avoid the disposition of oil and fats down the skin, and use your plumbing system as little as possible.

It can be unpleasant if there is a sewage backup in your basement. This water damage can result in mould and mildew growth that has the capability to carry potential health risks such as allergies to lung problems.

There are various precautionary steps that you can take to avoid these issues but the best option for sewer backup in Sherwood Park is to contact Restoretech for professional servicing of your sewage system.


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