We work hard to make sure you get the restoration services you need.

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We work hard to make sure you get the restoration services you need.

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Restoretech Ltd are the experts for mould removal in Edmonton. Mould is a danger that is quite often overlooked. Areas that have been affected by water damage are prime targets for mould growth and should be addressed as quickly as possible.

However, mould can also grow in various places throughout your home even where there are no physical signs of water. Any rooms that have an excessive amount of humidity or condensation are likely to see a development of mould.

There are many types of mould, some of which can be harmful to you and your family’s health. Regardless of the type of mould that you may find in your home, it will need to be remedied as soon as possible.

  • Removal of moulds from affected surfaces and materials
  • Thorough disinfection with sanitizers (guaranteed to pass air-quality test) and cleanup
  • Repairs
  • Restoring and putting your property back together

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A+++ Service

Very thorough job. Scott was outstanding to deal with. Very personable and keeping me up to date with exactly what was going on. He was very accessible whenever I called or texted him. The workers were very hardworking and pleasant to talk to. A+++ service. Tyson N.

Excellent Job

The crew was helpful and they did excellent job. Finished job on time. Qais M.

Friendly, Quick, Efficient

Service was friendly, quick, and efficient. We did have a few white shirts dyed red and some shrunk but for the most part, great work! Still have some drycleaning outstanding, look forward to having that returned. Great job, thanks very much. Eric B.

Polite and Hardworking

Workers are very polite and hardworking willing to look at detail and rectify as soon as possible, no questions asked. I would like to use them in all my future projects. They are so pleasant to deal with and we’ll recommend them to others who need work. Alok D.