Nowadays, there is a big deal at stake, while ensuring that mold doesn’t take over the home, because severe mold problems can cause damage to the structure of the home and harm to the health of the occupants. In this case, you should better to ask help for significant mold problem to the highly qualified professionals. Our mold removal experts can conduct black mold testing and mold inspection, air quality testing of your home. The essential thing is to conduct black mold testing while before the problem affect the health of you and your family.

One of Canada’s leading mold removal companies is Restoretech which can handle residential and commercial mole damage services in Edmonton as well as across Canada. The services include mold removal, mold inspections, and mold remediation as well.


Molds are treated as a member of the Fungi kingdom and people can find it anywhere. As well as they can be a nuisance and a deadly factor. This is because fungi can’t produce food and only get the food nutrients from surrounding elements including organic material like cellulose. Generally, indoor fungi are referred to as a mold.

Due to the leaks or any water damages, the mold or mildew can be developed through excess moisture in your home. Easily, it develops in a dark place like cold rooms, attics, etc. as well as the indoor fungi produce a musty odor. People should be resolved the molds problems immediately because it can grow and spread quickly that cause structural damage to your home or property.

If mold spores exist in large combinations, it will harm your health seriously and show mold symptoms such as a cough, itchy eyes, nausea, difficulty breathing, and respiratory problems.

Mold Inspection in Edmonton

Do you want to solve your mold problem? You may call us and our certified project manager will handle your issues and conduct mold inspection in Edmonton. The mold inspection is represented as the visual inspection of the mold. Our project manager determines the mold damage has created as well as the severity of the mold damage and how it is formed. For all visible molds, our company provides you with free mold inspections. if it is not visible, there are no water damages happen, and then conduct the air quality test.

Mold Testing in Edmonton

In the home or office, the air quality is determined by spore count which should be equal to the air outside. The mold inspection team has the ability to assess the mold spore by conducting an Air Quality Test (AQT). If the air quality test gives the result as there is an unsafe mold spore, the customer is presented with a scope of work that was created by Restoretech or written by a third-party all-in alliance with the IICRC procedures and standard guidelines.

Mold Removal in Edmonton

After confirming that the mold has existed, our highly licensed and certified mold removal specialists will handle the process of mold remediation. To isolate the affected areas, set up the containment in your home. The negative air pressure is set up for preventing mold spores from escaping the containment. Locate the mold by using our highly advanced technology and tools including media blasters and thermal imaging guns. By using eco-friendly products, our experts clean, disinfect, deodorize and sanitize on all the affected areas. The major goal of our company is to remove the mold and make cross-contamination doesn’t happen by taking extensive measures. This will help you to prevent mold spores from escaping the affected areas.

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How Mold Can Affect Your Family’s Health?


If you have more severe allergies to mold, it can suffer worse symptoms that include wheezing and dangerous exacerbation of asthma. According to the research, the mold can lead to upper respiratory problems in healthy children and the development of asthma in genetically susceptible children.

Based on the mounting research, the World Health Organization provides you with the extra guidance for indoor air quality standards. That’s why you should call the mold experts while before significant damage happens to the health of you and your family or loved ones.