We work hard to make sure you get the restoration services you need.

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We work hard to make sure you get the restoration services you need.

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Smoke and Fire Damage Repair in Edmonton

Fire can damage and destroy basically anything that it can find in it’s way like  the  building structure to all items within it. The furniture, the flooring and all it;s  synthetic material  goes up in flames, leaving behind corrosive gasses and an odor that  irrevocably damages all the items around.

Fire has a devastating financial and emotional  effect on the property owners. and acknowledging this,  our processionals work with swiftness and thoughtfulness to minimizing damage and restore your property.

At Restore Tech, our fire and smoke restoration specialists  are  qualified  and have the proper training and hardware to get your property back to its original  condition. We use the up-to-date equipment and processes in our fire damage restoration process. Our fire and smoke cleanup methods are advanced and modernized.

We offer many fire damage restoration services, such as repairs and restoration of the content and also clean up water used by firefighters and mold removal.

We work to minimize the total restoration costs by preventing replacements. Regardless of what the fire harm looks like, our objective is recover the property to  its original precondition.

Smoke  Damage
Smoke damage exists well  after the fire damage has been cleared. Soot and smoke pollution is seriously harmful to the well-being  of the occupants and needs to be clear as soon as possible. Inhaling smoke contaminated air may irrevocably harm your lungs. Smoke residue creeps into basically any area in the office or home,  the furniture covers, walls and flooring and your  personal valuables lying around the house and can cause varying degrees of damage.

This is why it’s critical to have smoke damage repaired immediately.  Smoke damage is a considered a different process from fire damage restoration though it is included in the fire restoration service.  At Restore Tech, we not only clean  and restore your property but also sanitize, disinfect and remove the odor, your living space to make it safe for you.  We get rid of soot from the cupboards, shelves,  floors, tiles, marble and glass, as well as from upholstery and carpets.

Don’t leave your smoke damage to chance.

It is vital that you act quickly.

Fire damage can be more extensive the longer you wait. If you have experienced a fire at your premises, it is imperative that you call and quickly enlist an restoration specialists like ourselves to clean your place. We can help you to minimize your damage.  Following the early fire or smoke-related incident, smoke and soot will sink on surfaces creating further damage to the structure and your material.

That is the reason we are reachable  24 hours per day, 7 days seven days, 365 days a year.   We offer expert smoke and fire damage restoration services, and also other services such as: water damage restoring,  mold remediation etc. Our services are reliable and trustworthy. You can call us if you experience any fire or smoke damage, 

Don’t delay to call your smoke and fire damage remediation professionals now!

Segments  that have lately suffered fire and smoke damage,  may still give out unsafe soot and smoke particles into the air. The persistent smell may also become perpetual if not dealt with quickly.

Restoretech provides fire damage repair services in Edmonton and around Alberta and Saskatchewan. We have also recently expanded into Coquitlam in BC to serve the Metro Vancouver region.

In such situations we provide:

  • Removal of black soot, dust, extinguisher foam, and debris
  • Fire and smoke odour removal
  • Restoration and repairs
  • Rebuilding any damaged areas and putting your property back together

Fire and smoke damage can be devastating. You might think you need to throw things out and start again. But Restoretech Ltd can provide comprehensive fire damage and smoke damage repair services. We’ll remove all soot, dust, and debris, make any repairs necessary, and remove that lingering fire and smoke odour. Contact us today to request an estimate.


A+++ Service

Very thorough job. Scott was outstanding to deal with. Very personable and keeping me up to date with exactly what was going on. He was very accessible whenever I called or texted him. The workers were very hardworking and pleasant to talk to. A+++ service. Tyson N.

Excellent Job

The crew was helpful and they did excellent job. Finished job on time. Qais M.

Friendly, Quick, Efficient

Service was friendly, quick, and efficient. We did have a few white shirts dyed red and some shrunk but for the most part, great work! Still have some drycleaning outstanding, look forward to having that returned. Great job, thanks very much. Eric B.

Polite and Hardworking

Workers are very polite and hardworking willing to look at detail and rectify as soon as possible, no questions asked. I would like to use them in all my future projects. They are so pleasant to deal with and we’ll recommend them to others who need work. Alok D.