Fire can have a devastating damage on your property and  the effects could be triple-fold if not solved on time, . You will not only need to repair the fire damage but also cleanup the soot, the odor and smoke that is left behind.

We at Restore Tech, Edmonton provide professional fire and smoke damage restoration services at a fast response time. We offer 24 hours service and will be there at your premises within a short notice. We have trained personnel to perform the tasks who have more than 11 years of experience in fire and smoke damage restoration. Our equipment is always well maintained and are in good working condition. We always use the latest equipment in the industry.

Fire Restoration Process

Each fire damage is unique so we carefully inspect surrounding areas like  neighboring rooms of your property to determine the extent of the fire, smoke, and soot damage. After a complete inspection we then decide the course of action to be taken. Each fire damage requires a unique procedure but the process is generally the same.

The cleanup and repairing of property is a specialized process and our trained  working staff are specialized in these types of emergency situations. They  are skilled and have the expertise to clean the soot and smoke traces leftover by the fire in your home. Our crew is well trained to operate the equipment and can help to avoid any further damage to your house.

Matching the right equipment, cleaning material and process is what we do best.

24-Hour Emergency Fire Restoration Service

If you do have a fire, then it can happen at any time. The effects are be devastating if repairs are delayed or postponed. You will need fast response time.  We offer 24 hours services for all 7 days a week including holidays so that you get timely service and that there is no further damage to your house.

We provide services to Edmonton and surroundings areas. We also just opened up a branch in Coquitlam BC and are providing services to the Greater Vancouver region.

Call us in case you have a Fire in the house. Our services can prove to be invaluable to you. Send us all your information about the fire damage to your home or business.  and we will respond immediately with all the needed equipment and resources.

Fire Damage Restoration steps that we will take.

We will immediately cover all the missing windows or doors with wooden boards and cover the damaged roof with emergency roof tarps covers.  We will then start the water drainage process immediately and remove the supplementary  water from the house. We ensure that the water is drained. and the place is completely dry. We do use the dehumidifiers for this.

We use specialized gear and procedures  to get rid of smoke and soot from ceilings, walls, and other surfaces. We then start the cleaning process and cleanse all the objects and structures damaged by the fire. Our experts then use a  variety of cleaning methods to restore your items  to pre-fire condition. We also remove odors using air scrubbers and fogging equipment.

Home Restoration


Finally we try to restore your home  or business to its pre-fire condition.  We try to repair the walls, painting, floors, carpets and reconstruct sections of the house. This process may entail minor or major repairs so as to enable to make it fully functional.